Linh Nga

Lina Linh Nga

Occupation: Film actress, director, producer, Sound Designer, News-writer|anchor

C.E.O & Founder of 9669Films, LLC 


1987: First time on stage –magic performance.
1990: Golden award – best young voice- Hanoi City.
1992: Start studying at Vietnam Academy of Dance with Ballet emphasis.
1992: Joined “the Love Charity organization” of  Legendary Tuong Vy singer, worked and

performed as a singer, dancer to help raising funds for Peace Village, SOS Children ‘s Village

Hanoi, Birla’s Village Hanoi.
1995: Began career as a face model for Dep magazines, Nguoi Hanoi, Mot..magazines
1995: 2nd Golden award- Best Female Pop Vocal Performance- Hanoi City.
1998: Start film debut with the film “Khoang cach” – legendary director Bach Diep.
1999: -Graduated from Vietnam Academy of Dance with a BA degree. 
          - Joined 5 lines band (Ban nhac Năm dòng kẻ)
           - 2nd film: Ông bâu ca nhạc.(Lead)
2000: -The Five Lines band released its self-titled debut album Ngay Ban Mai 
           -3rd & 4th films: -Dây neo hạnh phúc (Supporting)
                                    - Nụ cười vàng mã (Lead)
            -Started studying at Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema with Film Directing emphasis.
2001: 5th &  6th  films:-Đốm lửa biên thùy (Lead)
                                    - Xuôi ngược đường trần (Screenwriter, director, lead)
2002: Xuôi ngược đường trần won Academy International Award for Best TV series of 2002.
2003: 7th fim: Tiếng chuông đồng.
2004: 8th & 9th films: -Mạnh hơn công lý (13 episodes) (Lead)
                                     -Vùng cửa sóng (Lead)
2005: 10th & 11th & 12th films: -Đám cưới ở thiên đường (3 episodes) (Lead)
                                                     -Gió thiên đường (Screenwriter, director)
2006: -13th films: Quỳnh (Screenwriter/director)- set a new record in Hanoi Academy of Theatre

and Cinema's history for the first time 9.7 points. 
          - Graduated from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema with BA degree.
           -Went abroad and started studying at Newton College.
2007: Graduated from Newton College.
2010: Started working for Global TV as a news anchor.
2011: -Started studying at Chapman University with MFA degree in Film Productions with

Sound design emphasis.
          - Started working for Vietface TV as a news anchor/host/MC/performer.

2012: 1st Drama: - Dumb Luck (Số Đỏ-Vu Trong Phung)

          2nd Drama:- The Industry of Marrying Europeans (Kỹ Nghệ Lấy Tây-Vu Trong Phung)
2014:- Graduated from Chapman University with MFA degree.
          -Working for S Channel & Vietface TV as news anchor/news writer/host/MC.
          -Founded 9669Films, LLC.
2016: -Started working for VietV Los Angeles TV.

           -Produced 1st action/comedy short film for 9669Films: What's the good of being


           -Produce the 2nd project: Documentary for 9669 films.

2017:  Receive presidential inaugural committee commemorative invitation.

Currently:  9669Films as Ceo/Founder/Director.​

November of 2017: Release 1st Short Action-Comedy film "What's the good of being good?"

2017-2018: Start producing the 2nd Project for 9669films, LLC.

2018-2019: 3rd Project : A Feature Film.


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