Linh  Nga


                                                     Linh Nga is a Vietnamese - American

                                                     film director, film producer, actress,

                                                     sound designer, and screenwriter. She

                                                     is the founder of 9669 Films.

                                                     Linh Nga's 2019 feature documentary

                                                     "Inside This Peace" won Best Feature

                                                     Documentary at the California Women's

                                                     Film Festival CWFF 2019, earned Award Of

                                                     Merit - Documentary Feature at the Impact

                                                     DOCS Awards 2019, and nominated for Best Feature

                                                     Documentary at the Action On Film International Film

                                                     Festival 2019. Other honors include

                                                     Best TV Series at the Vietnam International 

                                                     Film Festival in 2003 for "Xuoi Nguoc Duong Tran",

                                                     the Gold Medal for Best Voice from Good

                                                     Singing Voice of Hanoi in 1997, and the

Gold Medal for Best Voice from NamDinh City Young Voice in 1990. Her other

films are Quỳnh (Quynh), Khoảng Cách (Distance); Đốm Lửa Biên Thùy (Border Flame),

Xuoi Nguoc Đuong Tran, Mạnh Hơn Công Lý (More Than Justice), Đám Cưới Ở Thiên Đường

(Wedding In Heaven), Vùng Cửa Sóng (Maritime Boundary), Whats' The Good Of Being Good?..



Linh Nga was born in Nam Dinh, Viet Nam. Her father is music

composer Quang Duy Nguyen, her mother is opera singer Thuy

Bich Thi Le, and her older brother is dance composer Linh Duy

Nguyen. Linh Nga graduated from Vietnam Academy of Dance

(Trường Cao Đẳng Múa Việt Nam) with a BA degree in 1999.

She studied and graduated from the Hanoi Academy of Theatre

and Cinema (Trường Đại Học Sân Khấu Và Điện Ảnh Hà Nội)

a few years later with another BA degree. Linh Nga joined the

Club of Love (Câu lạc bộ tình thương) formed by NSND Tường

Vy from 1993 to 2000. During this time, she helped Club of

Love (Câu lạc bộ tình thương) raising funds for the poor and

the victims of Agent Orange. Linh Nga also worked for Vietnam

Television as an actress, screenwriter, and director. She has appeared in many films in Vietnam

from 1995 to 2004 such as "Đốm Lửa Biên Thuỳ" (Border Flames), "Ông Bầu Ca Nhạc"

(The Impresario), Khoảng Cách (Distance), Xuoi Nguoc Đuong Tran,  Mạnh Hơn Công Lý (More Than

Justice), Đám Cưới Ở Thiên Đường (Wedding In Heaven), Vùng Cửa Sóng (Maritime Boundary)..

Linh Nga founded a film company in Vietnam in 2004, named Linh Nga Trading & Communication

Company Lmt. She owned some restaurants from 2000 to 2005.

In 2000, Linh Nga engaged to
Trần Văn Thuyết, also known as Thuyết Buôn Vua, a successful

businessman and a strategist for Năm Cam. Năm Cam was a notorious Vietnamese mobster

who is also known as the "Godfather" of Vietnam. A year later, Thuyết was arrested and

sentenced 20 years to prison related to Năm Cam's case. Năm Cam's trial in the Ho Chi Minh

City’s People's Court was one of the largest criminal cases in history of Vietnam

Linh Nga came to California, United States in 2005 to study abroad. Linh Nga attended Newton

College in Orange County. She met Johnny K. Pham during this time. They started a family then

filed for divorce in 2011. In the same year, Linh Nga attended Chapman University, where she

graduated with MFA degrees in Film Production with Sound Design Emphasis. She works for

Vietface TV as a news-anchor, news-writer since 2011. Linh Nga also worked for Thuy Nga Paris

by Night as a cosmetic products representative from 2012 to 2016.

She has two daughters are Anna Linh and Mary Linh.



In 2014, Linh Nga founded her film company

in the United State, 9669 Films,LLCIn 2015,

9669 Films produced the first film production,

"What's the good of being good?". The short,

action film released in November, 2nd of 2017

in the United States and other countries.

​9669 Films's feature documentary "Inside This

Peace" produced in 2018 won Best Feature 

Documentary at the California Women's Film

Festival CWFF 2019, earned Award Of Merit 

- Documentary Feature at the Impact DOCS 

Awards 2019, and nominated forBest Feature Documentary at theAction On Film International

Film Festival AOF 2019. Linh Nga wrote, directed, produced, and sound designed for the film.

Her daughter Anna Linh joined the crew as a film producer. The documentary received support

from America's filmmakers such as director Roy Finch, screenwriter Frank Deese, music composer

Nathaniel Wolkstein. The documentary tells the story of Thoa, an Agent Orange victim in


"Inside This Peace"is officially released on August 10, 2019 - the Agent Orange Day.


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